The Blue Bomber is back! Mega Man 11 has finally hit the Nintendo Switch, bringing the first outing for Capcom’s gun-slinging robot since 2010. The long-awaited sequel is out now in North America in both digital and retail formats.

In Mega Man 11, players will jump, slide, and shoot their way through challenging stages to take on the Robot Masters, controlled by none other than Dr Wily. Defeating the bosses allows you to absorb their powers. Even better, Mega Man comes pre-installed with a new Double Gear system, granting Mega Man with brand new skills. Now he can slow the flow of time or power up his trusty Mega Buster and other weapons on the fly.

Mega Man 11 - Screenshot 3

Mega Man 11 comes with some new modes and features:

  • Double Gear system – A unique new twist on the satisfying platforming action, offering options to enhance Mega Man’s speed and power on the fly.
  • Difficulty – Multiple difficulty options are available for a player of any platformer skill level. Controls for an on-screen weapon wheel have been added for easy accessibility to all of Mega Man’s weapons during combat.
  • Challenge Modes – Tackle a wealth of classic Challenge Modes such as Time Attack or Score Attack as well as several other unique Challenge Modes like Balloon Rush, Jump Saver and more.
  • Online Leaderboards – Best your buddies’ scores or times across several Challenge Modes or simply aim for the top, challenging players around the world. A nifty auto-upload option ensures your score/time is uploaded automatically to the Online Leaderboards.
  • Gallery – Get up close and check out the unusual and wonderful characters of Mega Man 11!


Avid fans may be interested in the physical collector’s edition, which is available in the US and Canada. This pack includes a new Mega Man amiibo and more other goodies.

Mega Man 11 - Screenshot 1

Are you ready to take control of Mega Man once again? Let us know your thoughts on Mega Man’s latest outing. You can check out the action in the launch trailer below, which also teases a familiar one-eyed face.