Merry Christmas! I hope your day is full of everything you wish it would be full of. The ” Give Me a VC For Christmas” contest has ended. Thank you to all who sent in your answers. I will review them and post up the Winner later this morning and you will receive your prize soon after. I hope everyone has a good and safe day.

A little Christmas miracle story: Earlier today, I was loading a new virus program on my computer. Vista decided that it didn’t like it, like it doesn’t like a lot of things, and crashed. I tried and tried to get my computer back and failed horribly. Then about 10 minutes ago, at the stroke of midnight (ET) on Christmas day, I turned on my computer. And, to my joyous shouts my computer was working. Stupid Vista!! Merry Christmas. For those on the West Coast, Merry Christmas in 3 hours.