As a mobile demo, I think TITANS TOWER has potential to maintain short-term enjoyment as a fun, if overly simplistic vertical high score chaser. When said demo is ported to the Wii U though, that ceases to be the case. Why?

wiiu_titanstower_02The free version has a smoother frame rate, unlockable awards, and (above all) online leaderboards. This $1.49 port does not even save one high score?!? Seriously, “capturing a high score!” means nothing if the score disappears the minute you turn your console off. It’s incredibly careless porting, not to mention disingenuous advertising!

wiiu_titanstower_03Other RCMADIAX high score chasers, though certainly nothing special, at least save a top score. Why is that no longer the case in  the company’s final Wii U eShop release? This will also be true in a least a couple of the publisher’s upcoming New 3DS eShop titles. Press codes won’t be provided for these (for unclear reasons) but pleased be warned.

Words really can’t express how disappointed I am with this phoned in Wii U port of TITANS TOWER. What sort of effort was put into this? Such paltry quality makes me genuinely sad. Spend a $1.49 on Poker Dice Solitaire Future instead, and ignore this horrible release.