Wii U owners may already be familiar with Quiet, Please! (as The Quiet Collection), but now it’s available to the larger 3DS audience, with a slight name change. For comprehensive coverage, please read my review of the home console version. This brief overview will focus more on how Quiet, Please! fares as a port.

Unlike its predecessor, only three games are compiled in this port. Candy, Please! is missing – it received a standalone release. However, it’s no favorite of mine, and its absence here means the price has been reduced to only $2.99.

The original controlled well with a stylus, so it’s no surprise the same is true here. I do think the pixel art fares even better on a smaller screen, even without 3D enhancements. Arcade style mini-games (found in Vacation Vexation – my favorite game) are also a better handheld fit.

Gamers experienced with point and click games will see some cleverness here. For a bit of puzzling on the go, an entertaining package can be found in Quiet, Please! If you haven’t yet played it on Wii U, it comes recommended.