Turkey, Please! is an adventure puzzle game from Nostatic Software.  Despite Nintendo’s lack of faith in the 3DS going forward, some indie developers have used this as an opportunity to continue releasing games for the beloved handheld. 

The story of the game is rather simple. It’s Thanksgiving Day and there is still a ton of work to be done before the big feast. It is up to you to save Thanksgiving!

Turkey, Please!

While trying to find what is needed, you have the full range of your house. Finding the needed items won’t come easy because you will have to find a way to keep your little brother occupied, and deal with your younger cousins who are running frantically through the house.  If you can’t find all that you need in your house you can try the neighbor’s house who looks very similar to Ned Flanders. He doesn’t seem to notice you or care that you are taking things from his house.

Need a break from trying to solve the puzzles? Not to worry, there is a mini-game called “Fat Dragon” which although simple gives a change of pace of the game. It even has a high score you can attempt to beat. 

Turkey, Please!

I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect with Turkey, Please!. Overall, it was a charming game. That being said, Turkey, Please! is still no turkey as it isn’t stuffed full of content. This might not be enough to blow the dust off your 3DS, however, it is worth a look due to the game’s cheap asking price. Especially, if you never let your 3DS collect dust.

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