“But I think the future is games that are not difficult and yet very fun to play,” he said. “What I mean is that there is no point in making a difficulty level the fun factor of a game. We are making Super Mario Galaxy as a new and fun experience which aims at providing a very appealing, convincing and -before all – fun experience. If we managed to do so, then I’m sure even the core gamers will find it appealing.”

I hope Galaxy isn’t too ‘easy’. I do ‘kinda’ agree with Mr. Miyamoto. I am not a big fan of games where you die a billion times. For me, it takes away from the story of the game when you are playing a level over, over, over, and over again. On the other side, a game that is too easy gets boring. I like my games to make me think, with a little trial and error. I am pretty sure either way Galaxy is going to be super amazing. What do you look for challenge wise in your games?