CVG has a good feature list for the upcoming My Sims game for Wii.  Here’s the rundown:

  • You start off in a rundown town, and must fix up your house. By doing so, you will attract people to live in your town
  • Customize character such as facial features, tattoos, clothing, and more
  • Building relationships is essential to the game, a relationship menu exists for you to see what your townsfolk think of you
  • Build your own furniture, accesories, and houses via a block building system
  • Objects in the game have an “essence” which can be used to help decorate your house
  • Characters that do not like your town go to a Volcano area
  • 30 characters in DS version, 80 in Wii

Looks pretty good so far.  Though I’m really hoping for Animal Crossing Wii to get my sim fix.

Source: Gonintendo via CVG