Join the Ninja Revolution as the legendary Naruto anime franchise makes its long awaited European debut on Wii in Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution European Version on March 28th. Featuring the very best of Naruto, this brand new game combines the latest characters, environments and storylines with the next generation technology of the Wii, resulting in a fast and furious fighting game guaranteed to bring out the Ninja in you.

Set in and around the mystical village of Hidden Leaf, Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution European Version takes key elements from the recently aired Chunin Exam storyline and gives players the chance to play as their favourite characters to become the greatest ninja that ever lived. With four key modes of gameplay – Mission, Single Player, Multi Player and Mini Games – players are continually confronted with numerous, testing challenges to improve their combat skills and effectively use their Chakra energy. Learning the basics is easy, but only through dedication and commitment will players master the art of being a true ninja.

Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution European Version features the largest number of playable characters from the Naruto series and introduces several prominent and popular characters for the first time, many of which are available to play from the beginning, in addition to the regular favourites of Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke and Kakashi. Furthermore, it is possible for four players to join a single fight, heightening the battle ferocity to a level not previously experienced. As always though, managing your character’s Chakra is crucial as special moves and blistering combinations are dependent on this natural body energy. As an extra twist, during a fight it’s now possible to move the action to another environment by performing a strong attack near the border of the arena – a first in the Naruto series.

As with every Naruto game, the look of the game content is faithfully recreated using sharp, ‘cel-shaded’ graphics to perfectly reflect characters and backgrounds. Each character has had their fighting style and special moves reproduced perfectly bringing players closer to their heroes, while arenas are inspired by locations found in the original show. In addition, on carrying out special moves that require Chakra, unique animations take place that zoom in on the character to add an extra layer of intensity and atmosphere to the game.

Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution European Version can be enjoyed using the Wii’s various controls and allows many different configurations. It can be played with a lone Wii Remote, a Wii Remote and Nunchuk, the Classic Controller or the Nintendo GameCube controller ensuring players can enjoy the game to its full.

Published by TOMY and distributed by Nintendo, Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution European Version springs across Europe for an estimated retail price of £49.99 on the 28th March 2008.