Recently, Nintendo announced we’d be receiving new Joy-Con colors; something longly due and suffered perhaps too long of a waiting period. Unfortunately, none of them is associated with any of Nintendo’s 2019 games though. Whilst that might be a shame, at least Joy-Cons are continually being made, and we can hopefully look forward to more from Nintendo going forward.

There will be two sets of Joy-Cons releasing later this year: Neon Purple (Left) & Neon Orange (Right), Blue (Left) & Neon Yellow (Right). You might be asking yourself, “Don’t we already have yellow joy-cons?” and you would be correct… But there’s no reason to worry as this type of yellow is different from the one present with the ARMS Limited Edition Joy-Con. Another question you might be asking yourself is, “If I can only get one set, which should I choose?” and well, that is subjective. That being said, I’d personally recommend the Purple/Orange combo — It looks beautiful and will help you get into the spooky spirit for when Luigi’s Mansion 3 comes out on October 31st (yes, that is a Thursday release date, and Halloween).

How do you feel about the announcement of new Joy-Cons? Do you like the colors that are being released later this year on October 4th, 2019? Do you plan on sticking with your Joy-Cons you already own (assuming you own some)? If you are picking up these new Joy-Cons, which set are you getting, or are you purchasing both? As always we’d love to hear your feedback in the comment section below, or on our various social media pages.