SEGA® of America, Inc. today announced that NiGHTS™: Journey of Dreams for the Wii™ video game console will come complete with a variety of next-gen features that tap into the system’s hardware including “Weather Channel” support, a Wii-first! This feature enables the game’s “My Dream” area, a customizable sand-box environment that allows gamers to capture, raise, and even combine the inhabitants (A-Life) from the world of Nightopia, to generate real-time weather effects specific to the territory players previously registered with on the Wii. For example, if the current weather forecast is clear and sunny in the players’ resident territory, the “My Dream” environment will be clear and sunny as well. The game will also feature an online-enabled two-player mode allowing gamers to race and battle against one another via Wi-Fi connection at launch on December 18, 2007.

Unlike any other game available today, NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams will deliver the feeling of flight through the innovative Wii control system. With the help of Persona masks, players will glide, spiral and loop through a variety of mystical dream worlds packed with action and adventure as they dive and blast through rings, gather orbs and come up against fantastic and unforgettable boss battles. Anchored by a storyline about courage, hope and inspiration, NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams is the most unique and experience on the Wii.

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams unfolds in Nightopia, the spectacular dream world of two young characters, Helen and Will. Struggling to overcome the every day challenges of growing up, these two 12-year-olds find their real life experiences spilling over into their dreams. As Helen and Will fall into a deep sleep, they are greeted by NiGHTS, a fantasy jester, who leads them to explore the rich and vibrant land of Nightopia. Along the way, NiGHTS helps the youngsters bravely face their fears by finding inventive ways to confront, outpace, and outwit foes – such as the villainous Nightmarens. Through the freedom of flight, execution of stunning acrobatic moves and tapping into special abilities, gamers can overcome obstacles and restore peace to Nightopia.

What is A-LIFE: A-LIFE are creatures living in the world of dreams. There are 3 types of A-LIFE: “Nightopians” who reside in Nightopia, “Nightmarens” from the world of Nightmare, and “Mepians” who are a mix of the two creatures. A-LIFE live freely in the world of Nightopia and they multiply, learn, and evolve as they transform with generational changes.

What is “My Dream”: “My Dream” is a customizable “sandbox” environment where players raise their A-LIFE creatures. By using NiGHTS’ ability to para-loop in the single-player game, the A-LIFE creatures can be captured and transferred to a player’s My Dream space. The My Dream world evolves dramatically depending on how the player nurtures the A-LIFE activities and the various objects that the player drops into the environment, creating a truly personal experience.