Hey guys! It’s been pretty busy so far today with all the news coming out from Japan! James has posted a TON of screens which are sure to get a lot of you excited for Nintendo’s fall/winter lineup.

One thing to remember is that Nintendo will also be holding a similar event in the US this afternoon. A lot of the same information will be there I’m sure, but there’s always a chance for more surprises or North American dates to be announced, so stay tuned. Don’t believe me? Well, Kotaku is going to be on the scene this afternoon and here’s the word from them:

Our own Mike “Michael” McWhertor is heading to San Francisco for a Nintendo event tomorrow. We imagine it’ll be news similar to this, but we imagine with some surprises (and North American release dates). Check back for that!

Here’s a summary of the media blitz that’s happened so far today:

A few Brawl Screens

More Mario Galaxy Screens

Wii Music Screens

Nintendo Fall Conference (More screens)

Wii Fit Screens

Miis Confirmed at the Olympics

Mario & Sonic at the Olympics Trailer

Mario Kart Wii Screens

High Res! Super Mario Galaxy Screens!

Battalion Wars 2 Screens

Fire Emblem DS: first images

Three New Disaster Day of Crisis Screens

Super Mario Stadium Baseball Screens

Star Soldier R

Final Fantasy:CC Screens

Capcom Unleashes Monster Hunter 3 on Wii

Wii Internet Channel, Keyboard Ready

Conference Videos: Sonic Announced & Brawl Trailer

Brawl Delayed :(

Brawl Site Update: Sonic!!

Nintendo Fall Conference Live Blog