Nintendo recently announced an end to the production of last year’s NES Classic Edition – or NES Classic Mini in PAL territories. Despite its sold-out status, it now seems there may be a real reason for ceasing production.

According to Eurogamer, Nintendo is planning to release a similar miniature version of their Super Nintendo Entertainment system – the beloved SNES – right in time for Christmas 2017.

When the NES Classic launched last year, we naturally wondered what would come next, and a SNES Classic just makes sense. The popular system sold 49 million units worldwide, and brings with it the potential for many classic titles, from platformers like Super Mario World or Donkey Kong Country, to RPGs like The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past or Secret of Mana.

There has been no official word from Nintendo regarding the release of a SNES Classic, but we’ll keep you posted on any such news as it happens.

In the meantime, let’s speculate – which SNES titles would you include in your ultimate SNES collection? Let us know in the comments section below.