Metroid Prime 3 Corruption – 10/10
Madden NFL 08 – 8.0/10
Carnival Games – 7.0/10
Alien Syndrome – 6.0/10
Boogie – 5.5/10
Dave Mirra BMX Challenge – 4.0/10
Operation Vietnam – 8.0/10
Madden NFL 08 – 7.5/10
Mega Man Star Force – 7.5/10
Garfields Nightmare – 7.0/10
The Wild West – 3.5/10


  1. NP hasn’t heard any confirmation/denial of online for Brawl
  2. Trauma Center: New Blood – two-player co-op mode, new characters/story/operations, story will involve a “shocking conspiracy” that will “rock the medical world”
  3. Recap of Tales of Symphonia sequel info
  4. Bleach: Shattered Blade, NBA Live 08 – October 2007
  5. Super Mario Galaxy – 120 stars, 40 galaxies, 6 major regions.
  6. Gateway Galaxy – travel from planet to planet to catch space rabbits (who are really stars), collect star chips, fight a giant Goomba for a key
  7. Star Dust Galaxy – use Beam Stars to move around space “garbage”, explore a rocket, rescue toads, and more.
  8. Egg Planet Galaxy
  9. Cookie Factory Galaxy
  10. Power-ups – Super Mushroom (it increases your health to max), Invincibility Star, Fire Flower, Bee Mario, Boo Mario
  11. Batallion Wars 2 Feature: Story – “The Solar Empire, Western Frontier, Anglo Iseles, Iron Legion, Tundran Territories and Xylvania are all fighting over a mysterious super weapon.” Navy receives a big focus this time around. Fighter planes available. Online modes – two-players for Co-Op, Assault and Skirmish.
  12. Creator of Pac-Man – Toru Iwatani interview excerpt: “Entertainment requires change and fresh, new ideas. Without them, people will certainly get bored. I’m sure that Namco Museum Remix will deliver fresh, exciting gameplay that will only be experienced on the Wii. I think (in the future) that a hybrid game system combining consoles, handhelds, arcade games, PC’s and mobiles may be developed.”

Wow!  Can’t wait till the mailman brings this issue!