Last week’s quiet release of Pokémon GO in parts of world has resulted in a massive increase in share prices for Nintendo.

Pokémon GO, which was released in Australia, New Zealand and the US on July 5, has exceeded expectations, as smartphone users have downloaded the free app enough times to ensure it tops iTunes charts.

As a result, the big N’s shares rose by 24.5% to close at 20,260 yen (about $200) on Monday, having already begun to accelerate away from the 15-month low of 13,920 yen last Wednesday. This increase adds a total of $7.5 billion to the company’s market value, which is purportedly the highest jump of the company’s shares since 1983.

The surge in stock is due to the initial success of the app, but also takes into account the anticipation of the app’s launch in the Asian market, with Pokémon GO yet to be released in other regions. Asia has a traditionally strong tie with both the Pokémon brand and mobile apps in general, which could spell even more success for Pokémon GO.

Will Pokémon GO have staying power? Let us know your experience with the app so far.

Source: Polygon