Probably a good thing it's single-player only.

Do you like your platformers hot, tasty, and simmered in retro sauce? If so, you’ll happy to know¬†Ratalaika Games and Sylph have announced that Garlic will be released for Nintendo Switch and other platforms on July 7th. A spoof of genre classics, Garlic is “…a tough but fun platformer outing perfect for both new and experienced players alike.”

In the game, Garlic (known to his friends as “Onion Boy Head”) is a brave but somewhat nasty hero who just wants to climb the sacred tower to meet the Cyber Goddess. It’s good to have goals.

Garlic presents endless challenges with platforming, evasive action, jumping, and confrontations are the order of the day, as you would expect. Complemented with a compendium of mini-games, 12 zones, containing nine levels, plus one special boss, marks this as one feast of action. Garlic coins, tons of enemies with some neat variations of environments for each zone keeps interest high.

The precision platforming action in Garlic features an eight direction dash and a super dash you can perform by slamming floors, walls, and even ceilings. The is allows players to pull off some crazy moves if you’re daring enough to use it. And in addition to the minigames, Garlic features a timerush mode to test your skills as a speedrunner.

Garlic will be available July 7th for $14.99. For more information, visit the Nintendo eShop.