Following the weekly stats in Japan comes news that the Nintendo Switch has now sold one million units in the region.

The milestone was reached after 17 weeks, but how does that compare with other systems? It’s on par with the GameCube and actually better than most other home consoles, though not as good as many handhelds.

Helpful NeoGAF users have used figures from Famitsu to show where the Switch stands in comparison to other consoles, as well as the most popular retail games so far.

Weeks to reach 1m:

  • Game Boy Advance: 3 weeks
  • DS: 4 weeks
  • PS2: 5 weeks
  • Wii: 6 weeks
  • 3DS: 13 weeks
  • PSP: 14 weeks
  • Switch: 17 weeks
  • GameCube: 17 weeks
  • N64: 29 weeks
  • PS1: more than 30 weeks
  • WiiU: 34 weeks
  • PS3: 36 weeks
  • PS Vita: 43 weeks
  • DreamCast: 45 weeks
  • PS4: 49 weeks

Most popular games:

  • Mario Kart 501,614
  • Zelda: 460,480
  • 1 2 Switch 200,807
  • Arms: 154,845
  • Bomberman 92,112

It’s no surprise that the Game Boy Advance and the DS sit atop the list, given Japan’s fondness for handheld games. The Switch sits at 7th place out of 15, roughly in the middle. NeoGAF has also put together a neat graph to illustrate the sales figures by comparing it to some other devices in Japan.


Image credit: NeoGAF

The Switch is easily surpassing most devices in this view, though it has a long way to go to catch up with the 3DS.

What do you make of these figures? Are you happy to see the Switch succeeding in Japan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: EuroGamer