IGN: What kind of setup will consumers have when they boot up Wii Ware? Are there going to be features games that Nintendo spotlights, or can you still gift games over to other users like you did with VC titles?

Prata: Well the users experience will be very similar to other Wii channels. There are a number of channels out there that consumers are able to react with, and this will be the same. You’ll be able to use Wii points to buy games, you’ll download them direct to your system, and they’ll be available at different price points as well. There will be a wealth of information on the games both from media and reviews as there always is, but Nintendo of Japan also has the “Everyone’s Nintendo Channel” which is used to cover content, and we’re working on making that available to the North American market as well. What that will allow is the consumer to find the content and get familiar and more educated with it, and make their decision based on that.

IGN: So you’re hoping that people will boot up the Wii, head over to the Everybody’s Nintendo Channel to see what’s new, and then click over and buy the games they want.

Prata: Exactly, yes.

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