Pro-G: Online play is obviously something that’s been wanted since the beginning, but with the game being built around precision timing, has lag been a major stumbling block?

KH: We were very concerned about how going online and lag would affect the gameplay, but Neversoft who’s the developer on the game has a significant amount of experience. They are one of the best developers in the world and they’ve had a lot of experience with online. The result is that we’ve managed to overcome all of those concerns we had at the beginning of the project, so there are no issues with lag and going online.

Pro-G: What systems will gamers be able to venture online with? Anything planned for the Wii?

KH: There is online for the PS3 and Xbox 360. There won’t be online initially for the Wii, but we are working with Nintendo to see how we can get those features in.

Does this change some of your minds on getting GH3?