Does everyone hate changing the batteries in their Wii Remotes as much as I do?  They always seem to be low.  Always.  Fear not, battery dependent masses, for it looks like Nintendo is considering selling an official Wii Remote rechargeable battery station!

According to a screen cap of a Nintendo survey, Nintendo has listened to their fans and are cooking up a solution to the Wii Remote’s voracious appetite for AA’s.  The survey asks if the idea of an “Official Wii Remote Plus Fast Battery Charger” interests you and if you would you buy it, including replacement silicon case, strap, battery and charging cradle for $40?  The survey also claims that you would get up to 13-hours of use per 90-minute charge

$40 might me a little steep if you have to pay that for each Wii Remote you own, which is probably four, especially considering third party alternatives range anywhere from $10-$30 per Wii Remote.  Either way, I hope this product is released, because I am fairly certain the garbage processing plant is getting sick of me bringing them garbage bags full of dead batteries.