We loved Old School Musical for the Nintendo Switch, and we’re excited to see that Super Rare Games is releasing it as a limited edition physical game! 

Old School Musical has 50 chiptune tracks, 32 chicken types to fight, and one fun story mode. With Old School Musical, you can take a tour of all of your favorite retro games.

This physical, limited time edition comes with some exciting extras including a full color manual, exclusive stickers and artwork, and three random trading cards!

Super Rare Games’ PB#9 bundle includes Old School Musical, the SteamWorld Collection, and one surprise Nintendo Switch title. If you’re interested, this bundle is available now.

Old School Musical’s physical release will be limited to just 4,000 copies worldwide! Preorders for the game will be available on July 30 at 10 a.m. PT for approximately $31 USD exclusively at superraregames.com.