Addictive Dungeon-Crawling RPG Hits Store Shelves on November 16th

It’s almost time to answer the call of the hero! id Software’s Orcs & Elves® has gone gold for the Nintendo DS!

The ultimate battle between good and evil will take place this holiday as Orcs & Elves will be available at stores around the world on November 16, 2007.

Orcs & Elves is a deep fantasy RPG from id Software and Fountainhead Entertainment, which has been enhanced from the award-winning original to take full advantage of the Nintendo DS. The game features a new 3D engine, full 3D sound, more levels, new monsters, and much more. Players can utilize the DS touch screen to cast spells, move and attack enemies, make use of magic potions, enchanted rings, and armor, and bargain for goods as they explore a massive Dwarven kingdom riddled with ancient treasures and fierce enemies.

“Orcs & Elves is an addictive, dungeon-crawling, hack-n-slash RPG that will keep players glued to the DS for hours,” said Katherine Anna Kang, founder and president of Fountainhead Entertainment. “We’re committed to bringing fun packed games to the DS and Orcs & Elves is definitely a great start.”