When the New Nintendo 3DS launched in North America on Feb 13, Nintendo fans who purchased the handheld gained the opportunity to play selected titles with Amiibo support. Although this feature seems to be exclusive to the New Nintendo 3DS, individuals who currently posses an original Nintendo 3DS may soon receive Amiibo support as well. Along with other detailed information regarding Nintendo’s financial results briefing which includes Amiibo support, hardware sales and soon to be released titles for Wii U and 3DS, President and CEO of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, mentioned “New Nintendo 3DS is equipped with NFC as a standard feature. For existing Nintendo 3DS systems, we will release an external NFC reader/writer in summer this year.”

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Although this announcement is certainly intriguing, specified regions set to receive this particular piece of hardware is currently unknown. At this time we have reached out to Nintendo PR and will update this post the instant that information becomes available. If Amiibo support was set to be an exclusive feature for the New Nintendo 3DS but will soon be supported on its predecessor, is there a reason to purchase Nintendo’s latest handheld as of now? Let us know your thoughts below.