I had the great privilege of talking with Josh from NintendoFansOnline.co.uk about Pure Nintendo Magazine where I shared some history about the magazine and a few tidbits on what’s in store for the future!  Here’s an excerpt:

NFO: Why did you decide that it was time to publish the magazine in print form? Did you feel that there was a gap in the market, after the loss of Nintendo Gamer?

PN: Well, as I mentioned above, we had released Issue 5 in print well before the announcement of Nintendo Power and Nintendo Gamer closing down.  It was always the plan to test the waters with the first few issues of the magazine, provide them for free on our website, and then eventually develop a print version that we could setup subscriptions for in the future.

We were all really bummed about Nintendo Power and then Nintendo Gamer closing down but we felt it was a great opportunity for a fan-run Nintendo magazine to be developed.  We brought more writers on board and made a plan to build the magazine and make it successful for Nintendo fans in the future.

Every new Nintendo fan should be able to have the experience of growing up with a Nintendo magazine and hopefully we can provide that going forward.

Read the full interview here