Another year is here and that means it’s time for our yearly Nintendo predictions! Put on your thinking caps and join us as we try to guess what Nintendo will do next.

Check out last year’s predictions HERE to see how we did! It looks like Trevor and I tied with 5 correct predictions out of 10 so we’ll see if we can beat that in 2020 😀

*Wild Cards are worth two points

Justin’s Predictions

  1. Breath of the Wild 2 will release in 2020
  2. Bayonetta 3 will get a new trailer
  3. The Pokémon Company will follow-up their big 2019 with a big 2020–I believe we’ll see a new trailer for the Detective Pikachu Switch sequel, new details on Pokémon Home and Pokémon Sleep, a Gen 4 remake (Diamond/Pearl) and/or a follow-up (or update) to Sword and Shield that adds more Pokémon to the current Pokédex of 400 (Ultra Sword / Ultra Shield — similar to Ultra Sun/Moon launching 1 year after Sun/Moon)
  4. A new Nintendo Labo Kit (Toy-Con Kit 05) will be announced
  5. An upgraded Nintendo Switch (Nintendo Switch Pro) will be announced in 2020.
  6. More 3DS franchises/games will see ports and/or sequels on Switch.
  7. Metroid Prime 4 will have a new trailer–I could see this game being a showcase for the Switch Pro so we could see a small teaser when Nintendo announces the Pro.
  8. I think 2020 is finally the time for more Pikmin–possibly a Pikmin 3 port as well as Pikmin 4 finally shown
  9. More Wii U and even Wii ports will be released in 2020 (hoping for Metroid Prime Trilogy and at least Wind Waker HD, Twilight Princess HD, or Skyward Sword HD)
  10. The Ring-Con used by Ring Fit Adventure will get more uses either by new Ring Fit Adventure DLC or existing/new titles supporting the controller.

Wild Cards

  1. The Switch will get an app that can play Project xCloud / Xbox Game Pass games
  2. Nintendo announces a Wii Sports follow-up for the Switch (Switch Sports) and possibly a port of Wii Sports + Resort

Trev’s Predictions

  1. A new wave of Animal Crossing amiibo will release with the launch of the series new installment on Switch. (Truth be told I predicted this last year, but with the game delayed until March I’m hoping it still comes true.)
  2. The Nintendo Selects label will finally extend to the Switch, with possibly some last 3DS game joining the line as well, to tempt gamers on a budget.
  3. Having added SNES games last year (which both Justin and I predicted correctly) Nintendo will add even more hardware – Nintendo 64 perhaps – to the Nintendo Switch Online service.
  4. Super Mario Party will get DLC support with either some brand new boards or updates of some boards from prior installments.
  5. The Nintendo Switch will receive new apps, like Netflix.
  6. Long overdue, folders will finally be added to the Nintendo Switch to help enthusiasts sort through their bloated libraries.
  7. A long-dormant franchise will return to the spotlight as Nintendo announces a new entry on Switch, simultaneously thrilling some fans while others wonder why their favorite franchise wasn’t picked instead.
  8. After missing the mark with my Skyward Sword HD guess, I predict no Zelda games will release in 2020. However, we will see new footage of BOTW 2, and possibly an announcement of the Oracle games using the Link’s Awakening engine.
  9. Not wanting to muddle the market with another hardware revision so quickly, the rumored Switch Pro will not come to pass in 2020.
  10. Pure Nintendo Magazine will return to print subscriptions.

Wild Cards

  1. Nintendo will finally revisit StarTropics in a proper form. (Another duplicate prediction, but one I’ll keep repeating until it comes true.)
  2. Pure Nintendo’s Koopa Kast will return

What are your predictions for 2020? Let us know in the comments!