It’s the weekend again and that can only mean one thing – it’s time for some serious game time! Before we hit the consoles let’s take a moment to check in on our latest gaming delights. Not surprisingly, Splatoon 2 has dominated our lives this week, with a little Pokémon and Pikmin action thrown in for good measure.

Which games are you playing this weekend? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.



  • Splatoon 2 (Nintendo Switch): I am having so much fun playing Splatoon 2! So much has been improved on and the game looks great! I can’t wait to level up some more and see what new equipment I can unlock. I haven’t made it very far in story mode yet but I hope to change that this weekend.
  • Shantae: Half Genie Hero (Nintendo Switch): I’ve been playing this for a review. I’m very late getting it out and I do apologize. I’ve had a few personal things going on but I hope to have it ready before the weekend’s over!


  • Pokémon Go (Mobile): Thanks to the mishap at Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago, I got to enjoy the double candy and experience benefits on my game for longer than the developers initially intended. It was a very productive weekend, as I hatched 3 10 km eggs each with a new Pokémon I had yet to capture, and I was able to get enough candies to evolve a Blastoise and a Gengar.
  • Pokémon Moon (3DS): It was a Pokémon-filled weekend for me, as I booted up this game to grab the shiny Tapu KoKo they were offering via mystery gift on Nintendo’s network. I then continued trying to breed a perfect IV rain dance team, but got quickly burnt out on that whole process.

Justin S

Justin Sharp

  • Splatoon 2 (Nintendo Switch): Just got back from vacation so my first task was to pick up Splatoon 2 :) Having a lot of fun with the multiplayer. I wish the campaign wasn’t so similar to the first game though. Hopefully it’ll get better as I go.



  • Splatoon 2 (Nintendo Switch): After a brief moment of trying to locate why my pre-ordered retail copy (a rarity for me given my stance on pre-ordering games) wasn’t delivered to me in time, I’ve been able to sit down and enjoy a few hours of Splatoon 2. The first game surprised me in so many ways that I wanted more out of it especially after hours upon hours of engaging in the addictive multiplayer and, of course, the charming but short single-player campaign. Splatoon 2 doesn’t seem to skip out on most features from the original but delivers with more depth, polish, and expanded gameplay offerings. I have not tried out Salmon Run or even gotten far into the single-player yet; however, I’m enjoying the options we have with multiplayer and the streamlined experience. It’s just too bad that the Switch Online App (in its beta form) is off to a rough and embarrassing start, and the fact that you cannot switch weapons during matchmaking. Oh well, those small problems do not detract from me too much, but I’m slightly hopeful for improvements in those areas. Either way, Splatoon 2 gives more reason why you should own a Switch and why its concept lends itself to this shooter.



  • I and Me (Nintendo Switch): This is a relaxing puzzle game about a cat and its clone, as you move them simultaneously through platforming stages to get to the designated end zone. I’ll have a review up shortly to let you know my thoughts on this unique game.
  • Hey! Pikmin (3DS): After enjoying the demo, I picked this one up just today and am working on a review right now. So far, it’s very enjoyable, with a lot more depth than I’d expected.
  • Magikarp Jump (mobile): Still addicted to playing this daily, I’m at Trainer rank 61 with my generation 92 Magikarp, progressing nicely through the Ultra League.
  • LEGO City Undercover (Nintendo Switch): Still working through this game a little each week, trying to get that elusive 100% completion – this could take a while. I have to say that I love how easy it is for a second player to jump into the game at any point. This really is a very fun game to play.

What do you think of our list this week? Are you into anything retro at the moment, or busy playing something brand new? Let us know your own playlists in the comments section.