What are we playing this week? Our latest playlist is choc full of goodness, from The Legend of Zelda and Mario to Splatoon and plenty of indie love.

With Tears of the Kingdom almost upon us, it’s time to dust off previous entries to get some Hyrule love in before the next installment. With such a vast history to choose from, where does one even start?

We love playing and reviewing games, from the big-budget titles to the little guys. This week’s playlsit includes some great indie games to check out, from fighting fires to solving melon-based mysteries. Let us know your fave indie game right now!

We also want to know what’s on your playlist. Are you readying up for Tears of the Kingdom? Catching up on some indies? Check out our playlist below to see which games we’re playing this week!


  • Kraino Origins (Switch): I recently finished this game for a review, but I didn’t get to 100% complete. I’ve enjoyed my time with it, so I’ve been playing the levels again, ensuring I got all the secrets.
  • Great Ace Attorney Chronicles (Switch): My sister and I have picked this game up again to finally beat it. We’re on the final case of the second game and completely at the edge of our seats. I want to know the conclusion, but I’m not yet ready to let these characters go.


  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Switch): In preparation for Tears of the Kingdom, I’m trying to play some games before Breath of the Wild to get all in on the Zelda Lore.
  • Pokémon Stadium (Switch): I’m so happy this game is back. I love the commentary and the animations of each attack. I hope there will be a way to modify the rentals and their moves in the future, but it is still a fun game.


  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch): I beat Ganon once again, and I am ready for Tears of the Kingdom! I waited as long as I could to preorder my copy because I really wanted the collectors edition. But it seems this is an impossible task. Maybe I’ll get lucky on release day, but you know how these things go!
  • Splatoon 3 (Switch): I’m so excited that Splatoon is having a Legend of Zelda crossover for the next Splatfest. I went with Team Courage! I’ve been practicing this week, with new guns and specials to see if I can find some better combinations for turf wars.


  • 3D Classics: Kirby’s Adventure (3DS) – I am hoping to record an overdue Koopa Kast on some more Kirby classics from the ’90s, and this one is always fun to revisit.
  • Farming Simulator 23 (Switch) – This is my latest game, which I am covering for a review. I understand that simulators are not for everyone, but I have grown to enjoy them.
  • TMNT: The Cowabunga Collection (Switch) – With Zelda less than two weeks away, I want to make sure that my non-review gaming is focused on smaller titles. This collection of favorites fits the bill perfectly.


  • Nuclear Blaze (Switch): My latest review game was an absolute blast (pun intended). You play the role of a firefighter investigating a burning building. There are puzzles to solve, flames to put out, and kitties to rescue. Check out my Nuclear Blaze review for all the details!
  • Pupperazzi (Switch): Another review title, this one is like Pokémon Snap with puppies. It’s adorable. Check out my Pupperazzi review!
  • Melon Journey: Bittersweet Memories (Switch): My next review game is also a winner, with a  cute-yet-creepy top-down adventure into a world run by an evil melon-juice corporation. It’s humorus and full of secrets, so stay tuned for my upcoming review!
  • New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (Switch): I was away last weekend and this usually means some time with this classic. It’s my most-played Switch game for a reason. I sound like a broken record, but here goes nothinig: can we please have a new Mario game?
  • Mario Kart Tour (mobile): I delved back into this mobile game to try the new Athens track, and I wasn’t disappointed! This is a fast and furious way to pass the time on your mobile.
  • Omega Strikers (Switch): This new eShop title is free to download and play. It’s called a footbrawler – meaning it’s like soccer with more fighting. It’s a fun way to engage online with intense 3-v-3 battles.

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