Which games is the Pure Nintendo team obsessed with right now? It’s been a busy week, with a lot great titles making our latest playlist.

Naturally, a lot of us are playing Mario’s latest outing. Super Mario Bros. Wonder has given us something fresh and fun to play, with new characters, levels, and mechanics to keep us on our toes. It’s great to see the master of platforming return to our screens, and this one is sure to keep us busy for awhile.

Meanwhile, we’re also playing rhythm games, tower defense titles, sims, and so much more. Whether it’s the latest Harvest Moon to the well-received Dave the Diver, there’s bound to be something to inspire you on our latest list.

Check out our playlist below to see what’s keeping us up late at night. What’s on your own playlist? Let us know in the comments section!


  • Super Mario Bros. Wonder (Switch) – We’ve been playing this for our game nights with friends and it’s been a blast! We decided to only play when we have a full crew of friends so no spoilers :sweat_smile: We just got to world 3 but loving every minute. There are so many new ideas, enemies and more in each level. The variety is amazing! So far it’s my favorite 2D Mario since Super Mario World, which is saying something!


  • Harvest Moon: The Winds of Anthos (Switch): I just finished my review for this game and I’ve really enjoyed my time with it. Would it have been something I bought personally? No. But I’m glad I got to experience it and see what all the fuss is about.
  • Splatoon 3 (Switch): Seriously you all… I have a problem. Will I ever tire of splatting inklings and “taking the lead”? I doubt it ;)


  • Super Crazy Rhythm Castle (Switch): I first tried this game out at a Konami media event back in August, and I’ve been eagerly anticipating its release ever since. This bonkers rhythm game hits the Switch on November 14th, and it’s definitely one to watch for, especially if you have some music-loving friends to share it with.
  • Grace of Letoile (Switch): KEMCO JRPGs are like pizza to me. You know you’re not getting shrimp and prime rib, but chances are good that it’ll leave you satisfied. It’s just a matter of whether each game’s particular toppings suit your tastes. I’ll find out this week if Grace of Letoile’s toppings are sausage and onion (yea) or olives and tomatoes (boo).
  • Super Mario Bros. Wonder (Switch): My wife and I are slowly working our way through this fantastic game. She’s more into Mario platformers than I am, but has been patient with me as I slow down her progress.


  • Detective Pikachu Returns (Switch): This mystery sequel is super cute and fun, with great voice acting (gruff Pikachu is a stand out) and an interesting story. It’s a little on the simple side, but I enjoyed my time overall with this one. Check out my Detective Pikachu Returns review for the full story!
  • Dave the Diver (Switch): I’m working on a review for this unique title, which combines restaurant simulation with underwater action. There’s so much to do, with missions to complete, menus to prepare, people to serve, and mysteries to solve. It’s honestly a ton of fun and I’m thoroughly enjoying my time with it.
  • Super Mario Bros. Wonder (Switch): I’m loving my time with Mario’s latest outing. It’s so fresh and vibrant, I’m basically smiling each time I play. I’m nearing the end of the final world, but I still have a lot to discover, like badgtes and other items. I can see this one appearing on my playlist for a little while still.
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch): With the latest batch of DLC out now, it’s time to take to the tracks again! This final round of DLC is a solid farewell, tying up 18 months’ worth of new content. It’s been a brilliant ride, and these eight tracks add another does of fast and furious fun. I’ll be writing up my thoughts on these tracks soon, so watch this space for my final thoughts!
  • Bish Bash Bots (Switch): Another review title, this is a co-op tower defense game that pits you against swarms of robots as you and up to three friends work together to stop them from taking over the world. It’s cartoony and fun, and a little challenging! Watch for my upcoming review to hear my full thoughts.
  • Vampire Survivors (Switch): I love this game. It’s so addictive and fun, especially with a few players. It’s incredibly simple to play, too, with only one control needed – move your character and avoid the monsters. Your weapons are on autofire, so all you need to do is avoid. It’s not easy, though, with hordes of monsters eventually overwhelming your crew. I’m still to get to the end of a level, which takes 30 minutes. My record is 25 minutes – so close!

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