A new day, a new week – it brings so many possibilities with it. Whether you’re looking for something to play while you commute to work, or something to help distract you from work, we’re here with our weekly playlist. We’re playing a mix of old and new, from Fortnite to Mario, and everything in between.

Which Nintendo games have been keeping you busy lately? Check out our playlist below for plenty of gaming inspiration.


  • R.B.I. Baseball 19 (Switch): Baseball is my favorite sport and with Opening Day just around the corner it’s a great time for the latest entry in the R.B.I. Baseball series to debut. I’ve really been enjoying my time with this year’s edition. The gameplay has seen big leaps forward and the player animations are spot-on. Look for my review soon!
  • Tetris 99 (Switch): I’ve had the itch to play Tetris lately but it can take up quite a bit of time. I haven’t finished in 1st place yet but I’ll keep trying!
  • The Room (Switch): Katelyn and I picked this up on sale not that long ago and finally played through it. Very fun puzzles and the visuals were excellent. Motion controls with the Joy-Con were a bit finicky but overall a fun experience. (edited)


  • Fortnite (Switch): Ahoy fellow maties, I have been playing a lot of Fortnite on my switch with friends the last week upon the arrival of pirates in season eight.
  • Warframe (Switch): I have dived back into the best rpg on the platform this week with my clan due to the recent tennogen additions and profit taker update on the console. They also added a new alert system that acts like a battle pass which was intriguing enough to make me want to come back.
  • RICO (Switch): It’s an understatement to put this game at ‘good’. It is brilliant and addictive. I have played this game the last week non-stop as it constantly procedurally generates new experiences for me. The campaign keeps me coming back each and every day trying to finally get to the last mission. And the progression is a plus!


  • LEGO Movie 2 Videogame (Switch): The sequel to the game that’s also based on a movie, based on the classic brick. It also happens to be a lot of fun! I’m working on a review right now, so watch this space!
  • Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight (Switch): Another game I’m reviewing, and another one I’m quite enjoying – more than I expected. Watch for my upcoming review.
  • Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (Switch): I love Mario’s platforming adventures, and this one is no exception. What better way to celebrate MAR10 Day?
  • Dragalia Lost (mobile)Since this is now finally available in Australia, thought I’d try it out. So far I’ve had to download a lot of content and read a lot of text, so I hope the action picks up soon!
  • Tetris 99 (Switch): It’s been awhile since I’ve spun those ol’ Tetris blocks, so thought I’d give this online version a go. It’s pretty darned fun! I finally made it into the top 10 this week, woohoo!


  • The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince (Switch): Playing through this one with my seven year old, where it serves as both a reading exercise for him and a chance to become a rather creepy wolf.
  • Degrees of Separation (Switch): Playing through this one with my wife, where I’m reminded of how strong our relationship must be in order to survive team-based puzzles that we can’t figure out.
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening (3DS): With nothing new of interest coming out for the 3DS, I’m going back through my collection to replay various games. It’d forgotten how much better the 3DS FE games were before they added face petting.

What do you think of our playlist this week? Are you into anything retro at the moment, or busy playing something brand new? Let us know your own playlist in the comments section.