It’s Friday! And before we get our groove on for the weekend, the Pure Nintendo team reflects over the games that got us through the last seven days.

Are you looking for gaming inspiration this weekend? Check out our latest favorites below, and let us know what’s on your playlist right now in the comments section.


  • TrevorShovel Knight (Wii U): Nearly finished beating it in co-op, but ran into an awful game freezing glitch during the end boss rush!  Please fix it Yacht Club Games.
  • Lionel City Builder 3D: Rise of the Rails (3DS eShop): I played this for review, and it turned out to be pretty good. Check out my review to learn more.
  • The Magic Hammer (3DS eShop): Despite its monotonous nature, I’m really enjoying this game so far. It’s proving rather addictive, and the music is good.  I might need to check out the two player co-op mode soon.

Justin S

  • Justin Sharp
    Wii Sports Club (Wii U): Played the Chip-in Bingo golf mini-game with family and it was a lot of fun!
  •  Mario Kart 8 (Wii U): Played a lot of Mario Kart 8 with my niece/nephews.  Still such an awesome Mario Kart game!
  •  Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U): I’m over 50 hours into this game and I’m still impressed with how much of the world I have yet to fully explore.  It’s such a unique and varied world and different than any other open-world game I’ve played.



  • Pokémon Picross (3DS): This has been a crazy week for me moving house, so sadly little time has been dedicated to my favorite handheld, only managing to sneak a few puzzles in between packing and unpacking.