There are many solitaire video games and unfortunately most of them are not very good, or at least not very appealing to individuals outside of the solitaire spectrum. Best of Solitaire, happens to be another one of those bad video games found predominately within bargain bins and for good reason. If you’re interested in learning how to play solitaire or may become interested in the game itself, this title is unfortunately a disappointment and may seem to gravitate more towards a hardcore-solitaire audience.



Best of Solitaire is a video game that requires a lot of patience. Although this is not a requirement in order for you to play the video game, it is absolutely necessary in order for you to endure the titles painfully-annoying U.I. For example, browsing through titles and selecting one out of the 100 different variations of solitaire, should be a breeze. However, it’s actually a-bit difficult to accomplish due to the fact that the player must flip through the entire collection of card games, A-Z, rather than having an option to save your favorites games within a designated folder. This was absolutely annoying at times, considering most of the titles that I found to be interesting were located in the S category, which meant I had to spend more time browsing through games, rather than jumping right into the one I found to be most desirable.



One of the most interesting things about Best of Solitaire is that it offers the player a wide verity of games to choose from. Titles like: Klondike and Pyramid, add an interesting twist to the traditional premise of Solitaire. While others games like: Calculation and Super Flower Garden are played similarly but with the exception of an over saturated screen, filled with playing cards. The different versions of solitaire found within this particular video game are certainly interesting and seem to differentiate themselves from the pre-installed version of Solitaire, found on PC’s. But it does nothing to teach the gamer how to play and also fails to implement a tutorial system within each game type, which frequently induced a massive amount of confusion and ultimately causes the PC version of solitaire to be more appealing, ideal and simplistic. Should a proper tutorial system had been included with this video game, it would have inspired me to continue learning the game and perhaps spark more interest in the vast selection of titles to choose from.

Best of Solitaire is a video game that seems to gravitate more towards veterans of the genre and unfortunately fails to offer any assistance to newcomers, which may cause the experience to be slightly cumbersome and a bit daunting. Browsing through the vast selection of titles should have been an easier task to accomplish, but it was sadly found to be inconceivable due to the lack of a proper, yet, comprehensive U.I. Best of Solitaire has a lot to offer in regards to possessing over 100 different variations of the video game, but it fails to provide an equal experience to everyone; only making this title enjoyable to those who have a well understanding of the premise of solitaire.