Pure Nintendo is proud to announce a new feature for our magazine, PNM.  The new feature, called ‘The Question Block’, is a new way for Pure Nintendo fans, PNM readers, and Nintendo fans alike to correspond with our staff members.  We are now accepting questions or letters via e-mail to answer and publish in PNM.  We want to hear from you so get to writing those letters and send them in!  Any correspondence, letters, or questions for The Question Block can be sent to questionblock@purenintendo.com.

We have also begun a reader poll on the Pure Nintendo homepage, which is something we’ve done before but has never been a staple on our website.  Now we will publish the results of the reader poll along with the letters we receive in The Question Block section of PNM.  Every two months a new poll will be posted on PureNintendo.com, so make sure to check back often so that you can participate in new polls!

The Question Block will be making its debut in PNM Issue 17.  We look forward to receiving letters from our fans and hope that our readers are just as excited to see not only our responses but to see their letters in PNM!  See below for more information about PNM and how to subscribe to the magazine.


Single issues of the magazine can be purchased by checking out our MagCloud store at the following url: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/magazine/386574. Yearly subscriptions for PNM come at a cost of $36.50/yr for print, $5/yr for digital and the combo deal of $40/yr for both. Subscriptions can be made at https://purenintendo.com/magazine.

A little about PNM

PNM is your source for exclusive interviews, game previews, concept art, game reviews, puzzles and much more direct from the world of Nintendo! Subscriptions available in print, digital, and the interactive tablet version is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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