We would like to apologize for the delay of issue 10 of PNM.  Recently we found a new printer that holds just the same, or better, print quality.  We severely underestimated the print time for the magazine, which is the cause of the delay.  As of right now the magazines should ship this coming Monday.  These things happen when new things are tried.  Once everything is worked out this new deal will work best for everyone.  Once again we apologize from the bottom of our hearts.

For those who just can’t wait that long for all the PNM awesomeness, just e-mail us at magazine@purenintendo.com and we can shoot you a link to the PDF version of PNM.  That way everyone can still get something to look at while the print issue makes the journey to everyone’s mailboxes!

Digital and print subscriptions for PNM can be purchased at the PNM subscription page www.purenintendomagazine.com.