A while ago a possible patent for the NX controller was leaked. Now, a post by Alexander Maier shows a possible image of the NX controller that looks very much like the leaked patent.

The below image shows the possible controller which resembles the patent’s shape. Below the image is the patent for comparison.


It’s also important to note that a few developer kits for the NX have been released so this could be an actual controller for the developer kit. However, as with all rumors take this leak with a grain of salt as many designs change or end up being false.

It’s very interesting that the controller contains a very similar look to the patent – as it has bumpers that look similar and stick that are in the same positions as the patent. You can also see a faint B button and arrow close to the right analog stick.

What do you think of this possible leak, is it trustworthy and what do you think of the design. Tell us in the comments section down below.