The only thing cooler than giant robots is taking them down.

As we’re all hunkering down in our homes, we’re likely not thinking too much about picking up physical copies of Switch games. The Mechstermination Force pre-order, however, may change your mind.

Super Rare Games has announced that the physical copy of Hörberg Productions’ Mechstermination Force is now available for pre-order. Only 4,000 copies are available, however, so you’ll want to move quickly.

Why? Because Mechstermination Force is an absolutely wonderful game over-the-top robot boss battle combat. In my review from April of 2019, I stated, “Consider the massive scale of these robots. Have you ever watched a Godzilla movie in which people are shooting guns at him and thought, ‘You’re wasting your time?’ That’s kind of what’s going on here, except these robots have unique weak points for you to exploit. The trouble is you first have to find them. And then you have to reach them. And then you have to break them. And you’ll have to do this multiple times. It’s pretty much perfect fun.”

A year on, I still stand by that and my 9/10 rating.

Each purchase of the Mechstermination Force physical release will include:

  • A fully assembled Nintendo Switch game with cartridge
  • Interior art
  • A full-colour manual
  • An exclusive sticker
  • A 3 card trading card pack

Unfortunately, we’re not fully sure when the pre-orders will ship. Although they have the game in hand, Super Rare Games has announced:

As you know our main priorities are keeping our staff safe and ensuring your games get to you safely too. Given the fast-moving Covid-19 situation, we now need to prioritise safety of our staff – who are now following Government advice and working from home. Because of this, we will suspend all shipping until at least Monday 6 April. We will then review the situation – both regarding our staff in the UK, and the postal systems in the countries we deliver to. We’ll keep you posted with any updates, but until then we will not be shipping any games. We also will not be able to combine new orders with existing unfulfilled orders either. 

That’s both understandable and appreciated, and the wait will be worth it for collectors, anyway. The release of Mechstermination Force will be the second time Super Rare Games is including “shiny” cards, in which “a very small proportion of cards have a shiny effect on them, making them Super Rare. These are all for the 5th card in the set.”

Mechstermination Force for Nintendo Switch can be pre-ordered for $30.48 USD at Although there’s a limit of two copies per customer, like most Super Rare Games releases, this one won’t be available for long.