Welcome to the latest episode of the Pure Nintendo Podcast! This week Kirk and Jemma delve into some recent Nintendo-related news, including new LEGO sets and the fact that Nintendo will be attending this year’s Gamescom in Germany. Could this mean something big is planned for the second half of the year? We also discuss the final round of Xenoblade Chronicles DLC, which Kirk is loving!

When it comes to LEGO Mario, are you a fan? We talk about out experience with the sets, from the originals to this new suite. Donkey Kong is the latest addition, and apparently Mario can even ride DK. Plus other critters from DK’s world are being LEGO-ified, which is a cool addition.

We also discuss the many games we’ve been playing this week, including the final round of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 DLC. Kirk gives the rundown of what’s on offer this time around, from characters and settings to mechanics. It honestly sounds like a treat for fans.

Mario Kart Tour has also been updated with a new track and character. It’s been awhile since we’ve played it, let’s check it out! Advance Wars is still on Jemma’s playlist, but can she finish it before Tears of the Kingdom? We also talk about a few hot indie titles, including the cute-yet-creepy Melon Journey and the fiery Nuclear Blaze. Plus, Kirk is reviewing Bayonetta Origins and having a blast – better late than never!

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