Nashville, TN – June 26th 2014 –  Pure Nintendo is proud to reveal the cover of our E3 2014 issue of PNM! The E3 issue is issue number 17 for June/July 2014 and is packed to full of new and awesome Nintendo games!  Check out all of the new games that were announced at E3 this year, our interviews with Epic Game Music and The Completionist, a huge Mario Kart retrospective and much, much more.  The Pure Nintendo team and Nintendomination/Tilmen, a prominent European Nintendo gamer, sound off on region locking for our ‘Let’s Talk’ feature!  There is a ton of incredible content this issue so please make sure to check it out!  Issue #17 also has much more including a bunch of game reviews, a video game recipe and other fantastic Nintendo goodness!


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A little about PNM

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