Why are there so many games about rainbows?

Not all of the fun Switch news yesterday came from the Nintendo Direct, and not all of the games heading our way are remakes of previous Nintendo titles. Case in point; ININ and Success’ forthcoming HD remaster of the SEGA Dreamcast game Rainbow Cotton.

Coming to Switch in 2024, Rainbow Cotton is a 3D rail shooter that originally hit the Dreamcast in 2000. It’s the fifth game in the “cute ’em up” Cotton franchise—which includes other Switch releases such as Cotton 100% and Cotton Fantasy: Superlative Night Dreams—and is a direct follow-up to Panorama Cotton.

And just who is Cotton? And what is she all about? Well, in Rainbow Cotton, players will…

Dive right into this 3D rail shooter as the young witch Cotton, accompanied by her trusty fairy friend named Silk. Lured by the promise of delicious Willow, help Cotton confront the wicked demon Tweed and his legion of followers who have stolen the Legendary Willow from the enchanting land of York Country. Hop on your broomstick and go to town in this wacky adventure!

Rainbow will take players on an arcade-inspired journey through a world full of surprises, challenges, and massive (but quite adorable) bosses. Power-ups, projectiles, and magic attacks will help Cotton prevail…along with healthy doses of courage and stubbornness, of course.

Features include:

  • A dedicated retro mode that replicates the original experience as closely as possible.
  • A variety of levels to explore, including a cozy moonlit town draped in Christmas lights, a mysterious sunken forest, and a magical castle above the clouds.
  • Enhanced controls, including a revamped snap-back and lock-on features for a more engaging experience.
  • Full localization, including the anime cutscenes.
  • Graphic enhancements such as particle effects and ambient occlusion.

Rainbow Cotton will be available in the Nintendo eShop in spring 2024, but not just there; Strictly Limited Games will be releasing exclusive and highly limited physical editions of Rainbow Cotton. Pre-orders for the physical edition will open on September 21st.

For more information on Rainbow Cotton, visit iningames.com.