“When Nintendo was at its height of success we had the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Super Nintendo products that appealed to all types of consumers from [age] 5 to 50, all playing games that they enjoyed and found the controllers easy to manipulate and the experience quite rewarding.” (speaking about Goldeneye) That product begat other, more intense fast-twitch oriented games …which resulted in the gaming industry becoming more insular, more focused on complex controllers, and more focused on games that if you weren’t very knowledgeable, you were really left out. To talk about the Wii out of the context of the DS is to only get half of the story. The Wii and the DS are the real brought-to-market executions of our strategy to make gaming more immersive, more involving and more accessible for all types of consumers. By doing that we’ve tapped into players who never saw themselves as gamers before.” – Reggie Fils-Aime

This may be true Mr. Reggie, but Golden Eye was one of the greatest games on the 64. The number one most wanted VC title, according to any Nintendo forum.