Reggie was quoted in an interview recently that at the pace the Wii is selling, it will surpass worldwide sales of the 360 this year:

As for Microsoft and its Xbox 360, whilst it clearly had the market to itself, it has failed to create a large enough lead, meaning that the Wii userbase could definitely overtake the 360 very soon if the current sales trend continues.

Reggie also talked about the future of Sports franchises and FPS’s on the Wii:

As for two genres that Nintendo has lacked in recent years, that of sport and First-Person Shooters, Fils-Aime stated Nintendo currently has it covered with the likes of EA’s support (SSX Blur and Tiger Woods 2007) and Nintendo’s own Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, which will cease two negative points people seem to bring up quite a lot – it will definitely look amazing on Wii and also iron out issues with the aiming system.

Finally, he discussed plans for Pokemon Battle Revolution to be the first online game in the States, and he also confirmed that developers have received online development kits.

Pokémon Battle Revolution is still being lined up as the system’s first online title in the US, with Third Parties now receiving online development kits so that titles with online features will start to come in the very near future from all quarters.

Cubed3 has even more information on their site about DS sales, etc.

Source: Cubed3