Back in December 2013, Cubit The Hardcore Platformer Robot released on the 3DS eShop. It was a game that I recommended, in spite of its immense challenge. That challenge hasn’t gone anywhere with the move to HD on the Wii U. “Will you reach the end?” –  get ready to have your blood pressure spiked again.

For greater details, please check out my review of the 3DS original. Much of what I wrote still applies. One area that no longer does is the visuals. The simplistic backgrounds on 3DS are now bursting with details on the Wii U. A look at the screenshots of the game show this is beyond just an HD sheen. Vivid colors, animations, and more make this a game to admire. But I can’t admire the visual overhaul too closely, lest I fail for the umpteenth time – the game still keeps count.

Let’s talk about the two player mode for a bit. This cooperative approach is a new addition that I was excited to learn more about. You and a friend share the GamePad (which also has Off-TV play). Is sharing really necessary? Hardly. Yet my wife and I didn’t mind the gimmick. One thing we did mind though is how it fails to save at the start of a new path (level). It makes what would’ve been a rewarding co-op experience feel more like a last-minute time waster. A real missed opportunity. I’m hoping it’ll be patched. If it is, please give us the choice to change Cubits color as well.

What’s the final word on Cubit The Hardcore Platformer Robot HD? On the one hand, CoderChild has taken a game I already liked and improved it. On the other, runners don’t hold nearly the same appeal to me they did 4/12 years ago. This game is also a better fit (and cheaper) on the 3DS than it is on Wii U.  When all’s said and done, Cubit the Hardcore Platformer Robot is a good game. Even though I already played it to death on 3DS, it still gets my recommendation to those patient enough for no margin of error. Just make sure your blood pressure is in a healthy range. Curious? Download the free demo.