Rule #917 of Gallo, “Don’t load the game under a different profile and presume your save was erased.” I made this mistake, and thought all my progress was lost! Thankfully, I was able to load it proper once my memory kicked in. My comic-noir adventure could continue.

Detective Gallo is a point-and-click game that actually launched late-summer on Nintendo Switch. I’ve been playing it since at least mid-September, as I can see from our PN playlist. No excuse for the long wait, but I am pleased to see the game is entertaining. It has a lot in its favor.  From the way it’s nicely illustrated, to its family-friendly approach (it’s only rated E10+), to its largely colorful cast of characters.

Perhaps what I’ve liked best about the game is Gallo himself, a somewhat curmudgeonly private eye with a lot to say. Clicking on items just to hear his reactions, often listing his personal code of conduct as “Rule of Gallo”, is the sort of thing that made me a fan of this genre in the first place. His voice acting is top-notch, and the other characters aren’t too shabby. The accompanying jazzy soundtrack makes for pleasant background listening when stumped by a puzzle, and really helps draw you into Detective Gallo’s atmosphere.

As I mentioned before, the hand-illustrated look is a real plus. Visually the game ticks all the boxes as it were, from animation, to color, to lighting. The detail makes the world feel alive and encourages exploration, as the best games in this genre do. In many ways, Detective Gallo has a look that makes me remember the genre classics.

I’d describe the game as a cozy mystery. It’s humorous (you play as a bird after all) and that’s a good quality for a point-and-clicker. It also makes it a good game to play with a friend. Despite being a solo adventure, I can easily see others watching and enjoying this game. I’m looking forward to revisiting Detective Gallo with my wife. Just keep in mind that humor is especially subjective. There will probably be a couple of characters that don’t resonate

Detective Gallo shows a real attention to detail through its approach and presentation. The production values exceed its regular  $14.99 asking price. The game is a joy to look at and listen to. Admittedly, a case of deceased plant life might not strike you as the most exciting story. But some pacing issues aside, give it a chance and don’t get spoiled. The discussions it leads to and the puzzles stemming from it might surprise you. Much like its title character, Detective Gallo is a game that manages to grow on you and is a pretty easy purchase for genre fans.