If you’re bothering to read this review of Mountain Peak Battle Mess, it’s doubtful you’re doing so with the cost in mind. After all, how informed do purchasing decisions need to be on games that cost just 99 cents? More likely than not, you’re simply curious about a recent Nintendo 3DS release in late 2019. Well, you know what curiosity did to the cat…

This action game is aptly named, as it is indeed a mess. The floating island, described as a ‘small mountain in the clouds’ is one you can fall clean through. Your battling is limited to tapping the A button repeatedly, and (maybe) dodging enemies if you don’t tumble through the ground. The early enemies have dozens if not 100s of health points to your 10. They leave experience which you might be able to pick up if the detection decides to work and you manage not to fall. You use the experience to upgrade things such as your power and health, but it’s just an illusion of some depth as you’ll reset as soon as you die. This is no role-playing game, no matter how it’s marketed.

To describe the battling even as basic would probably be giving a misleading impression. Honestly, I almost feel that if I could get Homer Simpson’s drinking bird away from the “any key” it could play this game. There’s not even music or local leaderboards to elevate the grossly underdeveloped gameplay.

Mountain Peak Battle Mess is an “Endless game with permanent death” and mindless battling, in an aesthetically weak and buggy package. It’s sad when a score of 1 out of 10 feels generous, but the 3DS deserves to go out with some dignity. This feels more like a newcomer’s demo template. 

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