Rush Rally Origins is a fun, albeit simple game that came out in August. In some ways, Rush Rally wasn’t much different from the standard racing game you’d get in a free demo for your PlayStation 1, but they did do some things that kept it fun.

There are several regional race tracks all across the world (Finland, Greece, Sweden, UK, Kenya, and New Zealand). However, you only have access to Finland to begin. You start with three usable cars—all with varying amounts of speed, acceleration, handling, and braking stats—but you unlock more as the game goes on. With this, Rush Rally Origins becomes better the longer you play because the first three cars are hard to drive.

The game has three standard racing settings. Time trial is where you try to get the fastest time for each course. In Championship you try to get the fastest time for each course against preexisting times (it’s not much different than time trial). The third option is racing against five other AI-controlled cars; this was, without a doubt, the most fun part of the game. Seeing the computer-controlled cars drift off the road just like I would made me feel not as bad at struggling on the turns.

The graphics for the game were solid. I enjoyed the scenery, as it was better than most racing games of this caliber. Sweden was my favorite course; it had snow everywhere, and when you drifted it would pop off the wheels. I will say to use the helicopter view when you’re racing, as it will be easier to anticipate the turns. There were people right off the road, which seemed like an odd choice. If you ever went ‘all GTA’ on them, nothing happens either. Same with jumps; there are some dirt ramps on the roads, and you can barely tell that you are off the ground when you drive over them at full speed. I feel like there could’ve been an opportunity to make the game more realistic.

All in all, if you like racing games, this is a standard one that you will find enjoyable, especially the multi-racer aspect. Rush Rally Origins gets more fun as it goes along because the cars get significantly better, and the tracks are better.