I have never gambled a day in my life. That said, I recognize how video games have the capability of highlighting some of the entertaining aspects of slots, without greed and other potential pitfalls of real-life gambling. So what did I think of Skunky B’s Super Slots Saga #1?

Although we didn’t review them here at Pure Nintendo, I have checked out a couple of the developers prior slot releases, which I felt were quite subpar. This latest release is a notable improvement over their prior efforts. It won’t convert those who aren’t already slot fans of course, but for those who are, this could be a title for you to consider.

Here going bankrupt actually means something – it resets your progress! I’m not sure I’d call it “heart pounding”, there was some definite tension, even if only during the early goings. As you unlock more and more machines, your money won or lost carries over and is saved.

Each slot unlocked has a different background for visual variety, and can be adjusted to either multi-line or more traditional layouts. Occasionally you’ll earn free spins; it seems random, so ideally it’ll happen following a big wager. A bonus game where you select cherries from a tree adds a touch of extra entertainment.

At a launch price of $14.95, this game is cheaper than Slots-Pharaoh’s Riches. Nevertheless that’s higher end for the eShop, and especially steep for a release like this. In a sense the content is high with 20 machines, but they do end up feeling rather similar. I think a $6.00 price tag (like the dev’s 6-Hand Video Poker) would be fairer for fans of these types of largely repetitive games.

I’m not sure there’s a whole lot more for me to say about this release – it’s slots after all. There’s definitely a welcomed sense of progression which I feel is key, especially for a time passing title like this. Everything here works well, with no bugs and the like. The presentation is colorful. It puts Jackpot 777 (albeit a budget micro title) to shame.

I enjoy seeing indie dev’s improve with subsequent releases, and that’s what Skunk Software has done, at least with this release. So if you’re a fan of slots, you might add Skunky B’s Super Slots Saga #1 to your wish list, ideally grabbing it during a (hopefully) future sale. If a sequel is released and the slots saga continues, I would strongly suggest a lower launch price though.slots-banner