Super Destronaut DX brings some shooting action in the Space Invaders mold to the Nintendo Switch. I wasn’t too big a fan back when I reviewed this on the Wii, but the DX edition brings some welcomed improvements. Is it worth your time? If you’re a fan of classic arcade action, I’d say yes.

The enemies still only move horizontally in Super Destronaut DX, but they have varied firepower that you’ll want to learn to recognize. There’s a couple of new modes for you to tackle them in, including a single-life hardcore one. Challenges fare best, tasking you to defeat a quota of enemies in a particular mode or score a certain number of points in set amount of times. If one challenge is proving extra tough, you can pick another. Cheers for the non-linear approach!

The graphics have received an expected boost that improves upon the original game. The options have some visual effects like screen shaking, and a couple others I’m not quite clear on but that make things even busier. However, even without the excessiveness, I can appreciate the new background detail, which helps the game look much less primitive than it used to. The accompanying music captivates and is fitting, while new voice narration gives Super Destronaut DX an extra layer of professional polish.

One of my biggest concerns has been addressed, and that is leaderboards. The original lacked even local boards, but now full online ones will let you see where you stand amongst other Super Destronaut Players. I have gotten some “No data” errors though, so something to keep in mind.

The DX is a difference here, making for a more enjoyable game all around. It’s had a modest price increase, but still comes in at only $4.99, with enhancements to justify the cost. Super Destronaut DX is a simple, but fun game. It’s not the sort that you’ll play at length (to limit repetition) but it does make for an entertaining way to pass some time.