Update: The word now is this notification came from a hacked Nintendo 3DS. It’s still an interesting debate.

Please note that the following is purely rumor and speculation at this point, so please take the following with a rather large grain of salt!

According to the image below, a music lover attending a Symphony of the Goddess concert in Europe claims to have street passed with someone who’s Mii stated that they were currently playing Twilight Princess on their 3DS.











According to google translate, the text reads as follows:

View more information from the Ninetndo eShop?

The StreetPass Mii-Plaza is hereby terminated.

The two options to select are view or later respectively. With this alleged evidence, it may be possible that a Twilight Princess remake for the 3DS is in the works. Do you think this image is a fake? Do you even want to see Twilight Princess remade for the 3DS? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts!