-Wii U models at E3 2011 and CES 2011 didn’t house optical drives
– games were put onto SD cards
– E3 2012 will see Wii U games off of SD cards and USB thumb drives
– Wii U size may have of changed slightly, not sure how.
– A redesigned Zapper and Classic Controller are being prepared
– Nintendo working on there brand of HDMI cables
– Retro’s project will be shown at E3 2012 and is ‘massive’
– Wii U camera may have been upgraded to .7MP
– voice chat will be available.
– lots of Wii U/3DS software at Nintendo’s E3 2012 booth
– if there are any other last-minute mods to the Wii U, EA and Ubisoft are the only 3rd parties to know