I’ve been setting on this for a while waiting for some confirmation. Most of the Famitsu news come from Neogaf. The reason that this is a rumor right now is the source they are getting it from, its a little deferent then normal so we will wait and see what comes from it when more Famitsu news comes out later tonight.

New Wii colors launching packin with Smash Brothers on 1/24.
* Price: \35000
* Red, Diamond Black, Mint Blue, Snow Pink, Famicom colors (limited edition set)
* Packed with two Wiimotes, two nunchucks.

Super Mario Kart Wii
* 2/28, for \5800
* Up to 8-player multiplayer
* Bikes, animals also ridable

UPDATE : The census over at Neogaf is that this is all fake, and the source isn’t reliable. Stay with niwifi.net just in case of changes.