One more source saying that they got confirmation about the New DS, this time from This thing is just to big not to be true.

We spoke to a source close to Nintendo — a software developer, for those who are wondering — and he confirmed that the company is indeed working on secret new hardware to replace the DS. What’s more, he stated that he has seen the new device, and could describe some of its features. The first thing he noted was that the prototype has saw had larger and higher-resolution screens than those in the current generation device. It appears to him that the company will be sticking with the same 4:3 aspect ratio, rather than opting for a wider display. However, he said that the new prototype DS had some features not currently included on the current model, most notably a camera. He told GameFlavor that the camera was of fairly high resolution and pointed away from the player. He and his colleagues had fun pointing the camera at background objects so as to make it appear that the screens of the DS were transparent.