Over the weekend a listing appeared on Newegg.com for a Wii U release of the 3DS title Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon.  Newegg currently lists Dark Moon for $39.99 and a December 31st release date, which could simply be a placeholder date if the rumor is in fact true.

In support of the rumor, NintendoNews.com actually contacted a representative at Newegg to confirm the listing.  The representative at Newegg says that they ‘guarantee’ the information is correct and comes ‘directly from the manufacturer’.

We have listed all the applicable information from the manufacturers on the website. All the information you see on Newegg.com comes directly from the manufacturer. We guarantee the information provided on our website. Unfortunately, the information that is not specified on our webpage will have to be obtained from the manufacturer.

While the information provided on Newegg.com could be a mistake, it is still a very intriguing rumor.  Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is one of the most popular titles on the 3DS and would be a great fit on Nintendo’s home console, Wii U.  Hopefully within the next couple of months we will hear from Nintendo about Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon on the Wii U.